So, you are looking for the new computer in the market? Also, you are looking for pre-built or custom-built computers? If you are looking for both, then you must read this article because today we’ll discuss the differences between these two computers in detail. Also, you’ll find out which device will be good for you. Every customer finds the convenient product for their needs and demands, right? Then how can you compromise on such important product? So, let’s begin the show on the road then you can decide the product according to your choice. 

Custom Build & Pre-built Computers: Which is the Convenient Choice for You?

Whenever you decide to purchase the new computer, you often confuse on two products:

  1. Custom-built computers
  2. Pre-built computers. 

Also, you should make a purchase on the basis of the benefits of the products instead of hype because it is a matter of your money, time, and investment. Therefore, your choices must be straightforward according to your preferences. The next section will discuss benefits of both products in detail including their pros and cons. 

Pros and Cons of Pre-built Computers

Pre-built computers are always designed for those who don’t want to invest their time and money on finding the special components for computer. Furthermore, if you want to go for this option, you should consider the pros and cons of this device. 


  • The pre-built computers are convenient and suitable for everything you want in your device. It also have the best operating system and important software in it. 
  • Many pre-built computers must have warranty which is advantageous for resolving your all computer issues.


  • The major red flag of pre-built computer is they have very limited options for customization and you can’t add more things in it according to your will. 
  • However, pre-built computers also have pre-installed software which are often useless for you and these software decreases the computer’s speed. 

Pros and Cons of Custom-Built Computers

Now, let’s discuss the pros and cons of the custom built computer and how they can beneficial for you. So, let’s get started. 


  • The custom-built computers are always designed to meet the needs and demands of its customers. Also, you have a complete control on such products when it comes to replace or add new components. 
  • You will experience the best and outstanding speed of such computers. 
  • Also, you have control on choosing, adding, or removing the extra parts or software from the custom-built computer. 


  • You have to pay a huge amount of money on the manufacturing of these computers because of installing the best components and software. 
  • Also, you don’t get warranty on these products. 
  • The structure of these computers are more complicated than pre-built computers. 
  • You’ll need to hire an expert technician for resolving, manufacturing, or estimating the price of the component. 
  • If you have zero experience in manufacturing the custom-built computer, you have to find the expert technician within your budge who can create such products for you. 

Which is the Better Choice for You?

The selection of custom and pre-built computers depends on your demands and needs. However, pre-built computers are the best choice because they are convenient and affordable. But you can use custom-built computers if you want a tailored laptop for your needs and demands. Every computer must have pros and cons; you can decide based on your research. Besides, Computer Builders Anonymous can help you choose or decide the best computer for you.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Device is More Challenging?

Using a custom-built computer is more challenging than pre-built computers. However, custom-built computer procedures are extremely difficult because you have to choose and assemble every component independently. 

Which Computer Has More Warranty? Pre-Built or Customized Computer?

Many pre-built computers have a warranty which is quite beneficial for various reasons, and you can fix the problem under warranty. But custom-built computers don’t have any warranty; therefore, you have to get a warranty on each component separately. 

Can I Better to a Pre-Built Computer?

You will experience more difficulty upgrading your pre-built computer because its components are not easily replaceable. But the custom-built computer provides you the more control, and you can replace the components easily. 

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