skullcandy crusher 2014

Any music lover’s toolkit would benefit from the Skullcandy Crusher 2014. The Crusher is guaranteed to be a favourite with anyone who loves music because to its distinctive design and excellent sound quality. The Crusher, however, is a work of art as well as a fantastic audio system.

The Crusher is a must-have for any music fan thanks to its distinctive design and superior sound, but it’s also a great topic of conversation. The Crusher is guaranteed to draw attention everywhere it travels because to its sleek, contemporary appearance. Of course, the sound quality is first-rate as well. The Crusher is sure to please you whether you’re listening to your favorite music or just taking in the atmosphere of your own home.

Dimensions and sound rate

A wonderful example of music technology is the Skullcandy Crusher 2014 line of premium headphones. 2014 saw the release of these headphones, which astounded everyone. The headphones’ intense bass, which you can feel in your bones, is what makes them so well-known. The cost varies from $70-100 per pair, which has assisted them in attracting a younger clientele.

Because they are larger, you can put these headphones over your ears. They are big because they contain an amplifier and two drivers. At the base of each ear, you’ll discover the conventional audio input and chrome grills. When the bass is turned up, they generate a pleasant rattling sound, though occasionally they can sound recessed. If you turn up the level, you can hear more of the vocals, which at low volumes can sound distant.

The Design

You have access to a basic pair of headphones with the Skullcandy Crusher 2014. Although the plastic construction does not look great, the minimalist design should greatly impress you. Here are a few subdued chrome accents that provide a little class.

However, wearing them comfortably should make it a superb choice in the end. The ear cups are comfortable to wear and provide a good and secure fit. In the long run, the travel case that the headphones are packaged in can be an additional distinctive choice. One more unusual option is the total collapse.


The Skullcandy Crusher 2014 is a new pair of enormous over-the-ear headphones. They are significant since they contain one amplifier and two driving vehicles. Each ear is powered by a battery inside, and the audio input and chrome grills are located at the bottom.

The Skullcandy Crusher 2014 have a beautiful rattling sound when the bass is push up, however, they may also sound hollow. When the level is low, the voices seem distant, but when it is turne up, you can hear them better. The 2014 Skullcandy Crusher model is a boring, subpar pair of over-ear headphones. The headband is wide, the ear cups are large and rather square-shaped, and the entire item is construct of plastic.  

Skullcandy Crusher 2014 Performance

Even those who have varied interests are encourage to participate by the Skullcandy Crusher 2014’s distinctive design. However, the way these cans sound delivers a slightly odd message. The primary REX40 drivers inside will do their best to make you proud even if you don’t insert an AA battery. When all else fails, they work well. However, the Skullcandy Crusher 2014 can only produce a faint bass sound with hard-to-hear mids and highs if the Sensation55 bass drivers aren’t turn on. Oh no, REX. To get bass you can feel, insert the battery and switch on the Bass Sensation Adjustment selector. The driver picks up sounds below that frequency level and blasts them out.

Do you should buy it or not?

Yes! The Skullcandy Crusher 2014 are some wonderful headphones to try if you enjoy powerful bass. Because they are less expensive than items like AirPods, which cost $200 or more, their affordability makes them an acceptable option. However, if you’ve used headphones a lot, the Skullcandy Crusher 2014 could not perform as well as a more expensive pair.

Think of someone driving a vehicle with ear-splitting sound systems. That is a fantastic way to describe the Skullcandy Crusher 2014 headphones. These would make excellent gifts for junior high, high school, or college students. We wish to unwind at that point in our lives and listen to music with lots of basses, like MAAD.

What We Hate About the Skullcandy Crusher 2014?

This one has a powerful bass, but occasionally the Sensation55 operator may be unsure of when to add and when not to add its gruff outer beauty to your bangers. Jazz, hip-hop, and pop will all be perform exceptionally well in the movie, while most other genres of music will be mess up and inaccurately portray. Because they could only travel so far, the cups couldn’t create a tight seal over the ears. As a result, despite turning our heads, some outside noise entered our ears. On the in-line controls, there is merely a Play/Pause toggle and a microphone. Although it is nice to have these features, volume controls would have been even better.


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