The use of a mortgage CRM is one of the most exciting and transformative trends in the mortgage industry. But what exactly is it? And why should you care? All the answers are provided—plus, it’ll explain why now is the time to get on board with your own mortgage CRM.

What is a mortgage CRM?

A mortgage CRM is a system designed to manage customer data, interactions, and communications. It allows companies to track customer information while also providing ways of managing their interactions with customers. A CRM has many uses in the mortgage industry. Some of these include:

What problems does a mortgage CRM solve?

One of the biggest benefits of a mortgage  CRM is that it helps you keep track of your contacts and relationships. Your sales team won’t have to spend time tracking down information, like a potential client’s last real estate purchase or what they’re currently working on. Instead, they can focus on building relationships with their leads and making sales.

CRM also streamlines processes so that companies can operate more efficiently. For example, when a customer signs up for an auto-payment service or mortgage refinance, it will be easier for the company to identify what products or services they need based on previous purchases or requests for quotes (RFPs). This saves time because there’s no longer any need to ask each customer how they want their mortgage product delivered—the system automatically knows which option works best given their history with the company.

The automation capabilities of CRM software help make the entire process faster so everyone gets back to doing what they do best: running their business.


How a mortgage CRM can fix your workflow

To get the most out of your mortgage CRM, you’ll need to define the problem before you start on a solution. Once you’ve figured out what’s wrong and why it needs to be fixed, you can move forward with a plan to fix it.

That said, it’s important not to worry about what other people’s goals are—you need to set your own. If someone else had their way with your mortgage CRM and decided that their goal was “be more organized,” that might not necessarily be the best goal for you. You have to decide for yourself what would make your life better if achieved within three months or six months or whatever time frame works best for you.

This could be as simple as “I want my emails from lenders in one place” or as ambitious as “I want all my marketing materials ready to go at any time.” The point is this: when setting goals for yourself about using your mortgage CRM software, don’t worry about what others are doing—just focus on making sure that whatever steps forward will help get closer to achieving those goals and nothing else.


While the mortgage industry has always been a demanding one, it has never been more so than it is now. That’s why it’s important to take the time to find out what your options are when it comes to mortgage CRM software, and how you can use them to streamline your workflow and improve customer service. From an experience working with both large banks and small lenders alike, you know that there are plenty of ways in which this technology can make all of your lives easier—a mortgage CRM can help you do just that.


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