Elden ring achievements

Players must assemble seven legendary spells in order to receive this Elden Ring achievements. It’s a little odd that this Elden Ring achievement has such a low unlock rate considering that players may basically unlock it whenever they want and aren’t really lock out of it. To find all the legendary spells, one would need to know exactly where to look, which is unlikely unless they had a guide.

Players who want to get the Elden Ring Legendary Sorceries and Incantations accomplishment should spend the majority of their time exploring the Lands Between and looking for spells in chests or speaking with NPCs.  Adan, Thief of Fire is one of the game’s simpler several bosses, especially if players wait to go for this achievement until they’re close to the conclusion of their gameplay. He is require to unlock one of the spells, the Flame of the Fell God.

2.69% Unlock Rate

Similar to the Legendary Sorceries and Incantations achievement, the difficulty of this achievement mostly depends on whether or not Elden Ring players are ready to consult a guide or opt to go on their own search for all of these artifacts. Players are free to go after the eight legendary talismans in Elden Ring whenever they want without having to worry about being lock out of particular quests or anything like that.

In contrast to the other two awards, the Lord of Frenzied Flame achievement in Elden Ring is actually connect to one of the game’s endings. It can be a little challenging to obtain every Elden Ring ending because there are specific activities that players can take that prevent them from obtaining certain endings. Given that it is regard as the “bad” ending and that getting to it is very difficult, the Lord of Frenzied Flame ending is probably one of the rarer ones that players have obtained in the game. Players must travel to the underground Shunning-Grounds, face an additional boss, and discover how to get via hidden doors by taking off all of their armor.

Legendary Armaments

Players must gather nine legendary weaponry spread out around Elden Ring in order to unlock the Legendary Armaments achievement. With the exception of one, players can unlock eight of these without fear of getting lock out. It is advise that Elden Ring players go for the Bolt of Gransax legendary armament as soon as they reach Altus Plateau since if they progress too far in the story. They risk being shut out of receiving it.

Unfortunately, it appears that there is a fault with this Elden Ring achievement since not all players are able to obtain it. Fortunately, there is a solution that makes it pop. Players have enhanced the Elden Ring Legendary Armaments achievement by pouring all their effort into it, according to the achievement monitoring website True Achievements.

Elden Ring achievements

To the surprise of no one, the hardest achievement to unlock in Elden Ring is the one for unlocking all the other achievements. Unless one decides to cheat using saves, this would require a minimum of three playthroughs, as there are three achievements tie to three specific endings in the game. So for Elden Ring players to unlock this achievement legitimately, they will need to go through the game three times, find all the aforementioned hidden items, and defeat all major bosses. This is no easy feat, and so it’s really no surprise that less than 1% of Xbox gamers currently have all the Elden Ring achievements unlocked.

As more people check out Elden Ring and the Lands Between, it’s entirely possible that some of the achievement statistics will shift and other achievements will become rarer. For now, though, these are the rarest achievements in Elden Ring and the ones that seem to be giving players the most trouble.


Finding the greatest build and gathering as many runes from a sleeping dragon are only two of the tasks in Elden Ring. Although playing the game may be challenging, understanding every prize or accomplishment shouldn’t be. Every trophy in the game has been broken down by CGMagazine, along with how much they are worth when you succeed in achieving them and what you do to succeed.

From Software understands how to create a game that challenges players to the maximum, but some pointers can help you win as many awards as you can. View the whole list of Elden Ring’s Trophies & Achievements in the table below to get ready to take on the world with a little assistance. For those Achievement Hunters out there trying to maximize their use of Elden Ring, this is a huge assistance. This guide will assist you in earning every conceivable honor in Elden Ring, from legendary items and spells to exploring Storm veil Castle and the special weapons you will encounter along the route to the Eternal City.

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